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With a goal to make the recruitment process in Africa as seamless as possible; we have a combined 10 million profiles, over 1 billion data points of candidates across Africa and excellent technological know-how, all these and more are sureties that we can deliver exceptional world class service to our clients.

At The African Talent Company, we constantly redefine what it means to have the best hands on deck by leveraging our pan African reach and strong expertise to bring you the best people in Africa and beyond for the jobs.

We are equipped with rich manpower to provide exhaustive related data researches from Salary Surveys to Manpower Migration and more importantly, we have the widest range of experiences to advise your companies on the best ways to enhance productivity and manpower development.

With over 30 years combined experiences from all our  recruiting agencies in 8 African countries and rapidly extending to others, we are poised to take recruitment in Africa to the next stage and we want to go on this journey side by side with you.






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